Cartoon Compass offers consulting and sales of Toon Boom software and services as well as own training courses for drawing and animation.

As official Toon Boom Channel Partner for Germany, Austria, the Netherlands and the Nordics we advise studios and schools that want to use the Toon Boom Animation Pipeline or offer courses in these applications.

As part of the global Toon Boom network we can also provide networking for studios and schools and attend industry relevant events.

We can offer official Toon Boom trainings as well as our own remote and on-site trainings in our studio facilities
Since 2021 we are official channel partners for Toon Boom Animation. We are the first point of contact for all studios and schools for Germany, Austria, the Netherlands and the Nordics that want to use Toon Boom tools for their pipeline or curriculum. We build long term and trustful relationships and are available to assist with any concerns. We give remote and on-site demos in Toom Boom tools and give talks to schools.
The Canadian software company Toon Boom Animation helps artists worldwide to tell their stories in any style of animation, creatively and efficiently from indie productions to major feature films for the big or the small screen. For over 25 years Toon Boom Animation provides the most advanced tools for artistic expression and production efficiency. The product portfolio includes Storyboard Pro™, the leading storyboarding solution, Harmony™, award winning 2D production animation software, and Producer™, an integrated, production tracking, and asset management software. The software suite has helped realize countless visions, so also the of the most memorable productions ever made und continues to strengthen its number 1 position in 2D production environments.

Storyboard Pro is an industry-standard pre-production tool for planning animated and live-action productions for television, films, commercials, video games and more. Map out your ideas, structure the sequence, and flesh out the story so it can be shared, marketed, and promoted on your terms. Its Feature-set combines drawing, scripting, camera controls, animatic creation and sound. As the first building block of the Toon Boom pipeline, it offers optimal integration with Toom Boom Harmony.
Harmony is the most complete solution for animated projects, providing powerful tools for any artist and any animation challenge, while delivering an incredible performance. You can draw, ink & paint, create character rigs and animate, plus do compositing and camera work all in one place. Used by the world’s leading studios and animators, Harmony became the industry standard for animation projects for television, films, commercials, video games and more.
Producer is an all-in-one production tracking tool provides global visibility of your studio’s activities, giving you access to up-to-date information and enabling you to make the best decisions at the right time. It provides real-time access to the progress of your animated features and series, making it easier to manage global production processes. Track tasks, assets, scenes, production progress, team management, efficiencies across departments, reporting and more.
With our partner Toon Boom Animation we can organize official Toon Boom trainings for teachers and studios. These follow the official Toon Boom curricula or can be customized to meet the requirements of your project. Furthermore, Cartoon Compass offers own training in Paperless und Cut-out Animation techniques in Toon Boom Harmony as well a drawing courses. Does that resonate with you? Get in touch.

Toon Boom-Training

Toon Boom offers training as a professional service. We can help to organize remote and on site training with Toon Boom instructors. The curricula provide instructional content on all features and tasks in an animation pipeline.


In this training we offer to show clients our workflows for hand-drawn and cut out animation, which we know from professional practice.


We offer drawing courses with fixed program in traditional and digital media. The courses are modular and teach the basics of drawing. The sessions are composed of theory, demos and feedback segments.